Shipping Container Condition

New (one-trip) and cargo-worthy shipping container conditions are certified for shipping. Storage-class shipping containers can be certified and represent excellent value for storage and workspace applications.

New (one-trip)

New (one-trip) shipping containers are available in 53, 45, 40, and 20-foot lengths. These containers are a perfect choice for customers who need cosmetically perfect and weather-tight containers that have a long service life.

New containers have CSC certification lasting five years from the manufacturing date. This removes additional time and cost of preparing cargo for ocean freight shipping.


Cargo-worthy containers are watertight and structurally perfect so they meet standards designated for safety, roadability, and integrity. These containers aren’t cosmetically perfect but are ideal for many needs, such as shipping, storage, additional living space, workspaces, and other custom uses.

If containers aren’t certified cargo-worthy, APS can facilitate IICL and Cargo-worthy inspections to expedite cargo preparation.


Storage-class containers can be weather-tight and certified for shipping. They are a perfect choice when aesthetics aren’t a priority.

For everything from global shipping and storage to job sites to living spaces, these containers are an ideal solution for many uses. These containers are a great value, and if you are going to modify your shipping containers, they can be a perfect foundation for working and living spaces.


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