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Purchase new and used shipping containers for intermodal, cargo, portable storage, and custom applications.

45-foot Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Types

ISO Shipping Containers
Standard Shipping Containers
High cube Shipping Containers
Flat rack Shipping Containers
Open top Shipping Containers
Double door Shipping Containers

In Business for 40 Years

Our over four decades of selling, modifying, and servicing shipping containers give us the experience and know-how to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Customization and Repair Facilities

Modifications range from ventilation and electrical to windows, flooring, and paneling. Repairs include weatherproofing, rust removal, painting, and structural repairs.

Near Two Major Ports

For Intermodal companies, our Port of LA and Oakland facilities are convenient for additional cargo-worthy containers, repairs, and secure storage.

Rapid Delivery

Our delivery services make purchasing containers faster and easier. We bring your portable storage containers to your location and place them exactly where you need them.

Certification Services

We ensure IICL and cargo-worthy compliance. We can also facilitate IICL inspections to reduce the time and cost of preparation for shipping. Cargo-worthy certifications are also available at our locations.

Locations Throughout California

Our three locations in California make us a convenient choice. You can visit us, choose your containers, discuss the modifications, and schedule easy delivery. 

Why Choose

American Portable Storage?

We make it easy to purchase shipping and portable storage containers.

  • Three locations throughout California
  • A large inventory ensures we have exactly what you need
  • IICL and Cargo-worthy certification
  • Delivery services throughout California and beyond
  • Complete modification and repair services

Featured Category

40-foot open-top shipping container, viewed from a side, front angle

Open-top Shipping Containers

Our 20-foot and 40-foot open-top shipping containers are convenient solutions when items must be loaded from above or are too tall to fit in a standard container. 

Shipping Container Modifications

Our modification and repair facilities deliver state-of-the-art modifications and repairs.

  • Custom Shipping Containers

    American Portable Storage can create custom shipping containers to almost any specification and any use. Applications for shipping containers include offices, security kiosks, cabins, shipping…

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  • Weatherproofing

    All new containers (and One-trip containers) are built to ISO standards for dry cargo and are fully weatherproofed. When you purchase a used cargo-worthy container,…

    Read the complete service detail

  • Shipping Container Ventilation

    Adding proper shipping container ventilation reduces heat, prevents moisture buildup, and allows the dispersal of VOCs that can be dangerous or unhealthy if allowed to…

    Read the complete service detail

  • Security and Lockboxes

    The doors on used shipping containers are not highly secure as-is. However, with straightforward modification, they can provide excellent protection. Lockboxes, heavy-duty padlocks, inner bolts,…

    Read the complete service detail

  • Paneling, Insulation, and Flooring

    As the temperature inside a shipping container can vary drastically from the external temperature, many customers choose to add interior paneling and insulation to their…

    Read the complete service detail

  • Shipping Container Doors

    All shipping containers come equipped with steel cargo doors that have a waterproof seal. These are perfect for most normal use. When you want to…

    Read the complete service detail


Purchasing and delivery are easy with locations throughout California.

Get more information on delivery options.

Southern California
2400 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Wilmington, CA 90744
(562) 742-3466

Northern California
850 92nd Ave #5
Oakland CA 94603
(510) 777-8333

Adelanto, CA
17401 Adelanto Rd
Adelanto, CA 92301
(760) 530-0900

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