Shipping Container Certifications and Standards

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CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) Certification

The United Nations and the International Maritime Organization adopted the convention for container safety. This was the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) . The convention is designed to maintain a high level of safety and facilitate container transport by providing uniform international safety regulations.


The CSC requires that containers used for international transport be fitted with a valid safety approval plate (CSC Plate).

IICL Certification

Shippers need International Institute of Container Lessors (IICL) certification. This inspection confirms that the container is structurally sound, seaworthy, and suitable for carrying cargo weight per its ratings and specifications at the time of inspection. This inspection requires a certified IICL inspector to examine and determine that the container meets the IICL’s current criteria. 

An IICL certification is only sometimes required for shipping but determines a stringent quality level recognized internationally. 

More information is available on the IICL website .

Cargo-worthy Certification 

Cargo-worthy surveys are a slightly more forgiving inspection than the IICL certification. As the name says, the cargo-worthy certification determines that the container is suitable for shipping per its ratings and specifications. A qualified maritime surveyor determines cargo-worthiness.

At a minimum, cargo-worthy containers are wind and watertight and structurally sound for shipping. Cosmetically, they can range from being in great shape to needing paint. Depending on your requirements, we can refurbish the containers or use them as they are.


ISO (International Standards Organization ) containers are used for intermodal freight transport. These shipping containers are manufactured according to specifications from ISO and are suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck, rail, or ship. ISO regulations designate size, strength, and durability requirements to guarantee that shipping containers are reliable in extreme environments and have the structural integrity required to be lifted by side loaders, cranes, and other equipment. 

We sell dry freight and specialized containers such as open-top, flat rack, and platform, which will comply with the ISO regulations.

Out of Specification 

If a shipping container doesn’t meet IICL or Cargo-worthy standards, it doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect solution for you.


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