Paneling, Insulation, and Flooring

Paneling and Insulation

As the temperature inside a shipping container can vary drastically from the external temperature, many customers choose to add interior paneling and insulation to their units.

To improve temperature control, APS can add fiberglass insulation and polystyrene foam paneling.

APS can add plywood paneling, which improves usability and aesthetics. Other paneling options are extensive and include FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels), polystyrene foam paneling (which acts as insulation and paneling), marine-grade plywood, which safeguards against water damage, and many other paneling options.


Shipping containers are typically built with thick marine-grade plywood that is treated to withstand moisture. Although this sturdy plywood is appropriate for many uses, APS can install almost any kind of aftermarket flooring, including steel flooring, vinyl, carpet, or many others.

Note: Most shipping containers are manufactured in Asia with plywood floors made from tropical hardwood. Such plywood is nearly always treated with pesticides. If you will be modifying your shipping container for office space, APS recommends that you consider removing the existing plywood floor and replacing it with a domestically manufactured plywood subfloor or completely seal the floor and cover it with an approved flooring alternative.


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