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Custom Shipping Containers

American Portable Storage can create custom shipping containers to almost any specification and any use. Applications for shipping containers include offices, security kiosks, cabins, shipping container homes, concession stands, temperature-controlled workshops, and much more. Your imagination is the only limitation. …

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All new containers (and One-trip containers) are built to ISO standards for dry cargo and are fully weatherproofed. When you purchase a used cargo-worthy container, it has been carefully inspected and, if necessary, repaired to bring it back to a …

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As shipping containers were designed to be nearly airtight and prevent the flow of air across cargo, interior air temperatures can sometimes be up to 25 degrees higher than exterior temperatures. In humid climates, storage containers can build up moisture …

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Security and Lockboxes

The doors on used shipping containers are not highly secure as-is. However, with straightforward modification, they can provide excellent protection. Lockboxes, heavy-duty padlocks, inner bolts, crossbar locks, and alarm systems are some of the modifications that APS provides for customized …

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Paneling, Insulation, and Flooring

As the temperature inside a shipping container can vary drastically from the external temperature, many customers choose to add interior paneling and insulation to their units.

To improve temperature control, APS can add fiberglass insulation and polystyrene foam paneling.

APS can add plywood paneling, which improves usability and aesthetics. Other paneling options are extensive and include FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels), polystyrene foam paneling (which acts as insulation and paneling), marine-grade plywood, which safeguards against water damage, and many other paneling options.

Doors and Windows

All shipping containers come equipped with steel cargo doors with a waterproof seal. To improve ease of use and access, especially for workspace and living space, APS offers a variety of customized door options. Custom doors can be placed anywhere …

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Electrical Modifications

APS provides a wide variety of custom electrical modifications to increase the functionality of your storage container. Our basic electrical package includes overhead fluorescent lights with a switch, breaker box, and electrical outlets, but almost any electrical modification is possible. …

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Our state-of-the-art modification facilities in Oakland and Long Beach are fully equipped to refurbish, repair, and paint shipping containers to any specification. We offer stock colors, beige and gray. Because the stock colors are so, well, beige and grey, APS …

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Purchasing and delivery are easy with locations throughout California.

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