Custom and Refurbished Shipping Containers

American Portable Storage customized shipping containers

Customized Containers

American Portable Storage can customize any shipping container to almost any specification. Modifications can include the addition of windows, doors, and shelving to electrical, HVAC, and security. We also can add partitions, insulation, custom paint, and more.

With our own customization facilities developed over 20 years, APS has the expertise, tooling, and staff to create the perfect customized container for whatever your needs are. Owning our own facilities and our many years of experience allow us to customize containers more quickly and more cost-effectively.

See our customization page for more details. If you don’t see what you’re thinking of please contact us at (888) 453-1788 to discuss your custom container needs.

Refurbished Containers

Refurbished shipping containers come in all size and although aesthetically imperfect, they are a cost-effective choice for a variety of uses. If you need outside storage or additional office space and aesthetics aren’t your primary concern a refurbished container is a perfect solution.

All refurbished containers are cleared of rust. All panels and metal that are not structurally sound are replaced. The units are spot primed, then painted with a heavy coat of marine-grade enamel.

They really are a perfect, weatherproof and economical solution when aesthetics aren’t as important.

Customization Delivery

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