All new containers (and One-trip containers) are built to ISO standards for dry cargo and are fully weatherproofed. When you purchase a used container, whether it is Premium or Cargo, it has been carefully inspected and repaired to bring it back to a fully weatherproofed condition.

At our extensive modification facilities in Oakland and Wilmington, we carefully inspect containers for leaks, rust, and holes. The seals are checked for integrity and repaired or replaced as needed. Flooring is inspected then repaired or replaced as needed with marine-grade plywood.

As with all containers, additional customization is available to meet your exact weatherproofing needs.
To discuss your requirements, please call or email us:

  • LA/Wilmington: (562) 742-3466
  • SF/Oakland: (510) 777-8333
  • Adelanto: (760) 530-0900.

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