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ColdBox Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Through our partner ColdBox, APS has a large inventory of refrigerated containers (reefers) available. Use them as cold storage lockers for your temporary or permanent needs. For restaurants and hospitality facilities, refrigerated containers are an economical alternative to conventional walk-in coolers and freezers. Whether you are interested in renting or buying, our portable refrigeration warehouses can be delivered to your […]

Custom and Refurbished Shipping Containers

Customized Containers American Portable Storage can customize any shipping container to almost any specification. Modifications can include the addition of windows, doors, and shelving to electrical, HVAC, and security. We also can add partitions, insulation, custom paint, and more. With our own customization facilities developed over 20 years, APS has the expertise, tooling, and staff […]

Flat Rack & Open Top Shipping Containers

Flat Rack containers have collapsible walls designed for shipping oversized goods that won’t fit into standard boxes. They are ideal for oversized items such as heavy machinery, large industrial parts, construction materials, and more. They are only available in 20’ and 40’ size. Our 20’ and 40’ Open-top shipping containers are a convenient solution when […]

20 Foot Shipping Containers

One of the most common shipping containers in use, the 20’ can be used for everything from shipping over ocean, road, and rail to additional restaurant storage, offices, and we’ve even seen backyard playrooms. Your imagination is the only limitation for their usage. APS’s large inventory of 20’ standard and high cube shipping containers includes like-new […]

40 Foot Shipping Containers

American Portable Storage stocks a large selection of 40’ standard and high cube shipping containers in all classifications – One-trip, Premium, Cargo, and Storage class. The 40’ standard intermodal container holds an average of 2,390 cubic feet of storage and weighs approximately 8,200 lbs. The 40’ High Cube has an additional 1’ in height with […]

45 Foot Shipping Containers

Like the 53’ containers, our 45’ containers measure a foot higher than standard 40’ and 20’ shipping containers. The 45’ high cube container provides 1,169 cubic feet of dry storage, 29% more than a standard 40’ container. Though the 45’ containers exceed the cargo capacity of standard containers, cost to transport them by truck or […]

53 Foot Shipping Containers

Measuring a foot higher than standard containers, the 53’ dry shipping container is classified as a “High Cube” box. Not suitable for international shipping, but commonly used for domestic road and rail transportation, these storage containers provide 60% more capacity than standard 40’ units. Additional support posts enable stacking with 40’ containers. Our 53’ units […]

Storage-quality Shipping Containers

Storage-quality containers are weather-tight and perfect when aesthetics aren’t a priority. For everything from self-storage and job sites to hobbies, surplus supplies, and artist studios, these containers are a perfect solution for so many uses. Available in 20′ – 53′, storage-quality containers can fit in a wide variety of spaces, and they can be stacked. Customization […]

Cargo-worthy Shipping Containers

The Cargo classification applies to watertight and structurally sound intermodal containers that meet standards designated for safety, roadability, and integrity. Although cargo-worthy, these containers are not cosmetically ideal like a One-trip or Premium container. Cargo containers are perfect for a myriad of needs, such as shipping, storage, additional office space, and other customized uses. Available […]

Premium Shipping Containers

Generally newer than most used units, Premium dry shipping containers are a perfect solution for companies looking for cargo-worthy containers that are ready for use. APS is a certified container inspector, so we are able to inspect and certify on site, reducing the time between purchase and delivery. They may have some minor dings and […]